Mark Giuliani, Architect

Giuliani Associates provides services in architecture, engineering, and technology to help our clients achieve their ROI goals for facilities.  Using technology our engineers and architects help building owners manage facilities using Building Information Model, (BIM) and facility management databases. Imagine a statewide system of community colleges trying to manage which roofs on their 50,000 facilities will need to be replaced in the next five years.  Our architects and engineers work with leading edge computer programmers to pull data in from facility management software and show the results in meaningful ways.  Rather than looking at reports of rows and columns our specialist can share the data with you as indicators over a map.  All the red buildings may need repairs in the next 5 years and a report would provide a cost estimate of those repairs. the Onuma System.

Giuliani Associates was established in 1959 by Joseph C. Giuliani, FAIA, with the goal of rendering architectural services to the aviation industry. Providing professional design services to airlines, airports and transit authorities has enabled the firm to become proficient in both design/bid/build and design/build projects. In addition to traditional architectural services, Giuliani Associates offers support for Building Information Modeling, Virtual Reality, and Facility Management.

Mark Giuliani, the son of Joseph, has expanded the firm portfolio to include projects for the Department of Defense, FBI, GSA, and other federal, local and state agencies.  Mark has also expanded Giuliani Associates’ portfolio to beyond industrial and transportation buildings such as the Silver Line Rail Yard, but also into other services such as peer review and constructability reviews.  The firm continues to enjoy a portfolio featuring a wide range of finish types.  In addition to transportation projects, Giuliani has designed food and beverage facilities, airline lounges, retails spaces, and provided historical renovations to several churches in Washington, DC.

Clarke Holmes brings Giuliani Associates years of experience in the design office buildings, flex warehouse, mixed use development and multi-dwelling buildings.  Timothy Kelleher comes to Giuliani Associates from JMT Engineering and spent many years with clients as a staff engineer.  He brings with him the ability for us to make the design process far more efficient by having architects and engineers working in collaboration on the same building information model side by side.

While many clients still prefer the design/bid/build method and Giuliani Associates has designed many projects utilizing this methodology we find our selves working more and more in collaboration with owners and builders through the design/build system.  Over the past 8 years we have collaborated on over a billion dollars of construction.  Giuliani Associates has been retained by over forty national clients, federal, state, and local agencies, public authorities, and foreign governments.